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5 Minutes with John Ellis - Rejoice in the Lord Always
Many times in life your situations or circumstances began to pull you down. You start to get discouraged or doubt. But dont lose faith. Rejoice in the Lord always. Despite your current situations continue to trust Jesus Christ and give Him the glory.
Added: 3323 days ago by jay8888888
Runtime: 304.00
Views: 11932 | Comments: 0
Gods Wrath is Hell!
Ever wonder what Gods wrath will be like. Well that is why they call it hell. Christian Compilation using M10.28 Escape from HELL Adrian Rogers David Wilkerson etc... http://christian-movie.net/vc1.htm
Added: 4304 days ago by
Runtime: 838.56
Views: 121384 | Comments: 21
Hell is FOREVER!
Is Hell Real? Is Hell Eternal? It sure is but you do not have to go there.
Added: 3497 days ago by Bruce
Runtime: 316.00
Views: 37256 | Comments: 13
Is Hell Real? Is Hell Eternal?
Is Hell Real? Is Hell Eternal? - Answering the question - is hell real? Does hell last forever and ever? No the truth watch this video.
Added: 4305 days ago by
Runtime: 150.64
Views: 35585 | Comments: 4
Joel Osteen His best sermon now
Imagine if Joel preached this in his pulpit. How many people would run out screaming? then again some just might get saved
Added: 4235 days ago by
Runtime: 602.00
Views: 26153 | Comments: 3
Pictures from the PIT -a young Korean artist taken to Hell
A young Korean artist was taken to Hell by Jesus Christ and she was told to draw on canvas what she saw -so that the world would know the destination of the wicked
Added: 2932 days ago by robertbrownell
Runtime: 318.00
Views: 163146 | Comments: 0
Thus Says The Lord ABOUT HELL
This is what the Lord says about hell
Added: 3383 days ago by TrumpetingTheLetters
Runtime: 174.00
Views: 10944 | Comments: 0
What is HELL really like -for those who are not saved
Bill Wiese saw the searing flames of hell -felt total isolation and experienced the putrid and rotting stench -deafening screams of agony -terrorizing demons -and finally the strong hand of God lifting him out of the pit
Added: 2933 days ago by robertbrownell
Runtime: 3831.00
Views: 19478 | Comments: 0
Who Limits The Atonement?
It seems to me that if any one problem outstrips all of the others in the church today it is the utter lack of spiritual discernment which is the ability to discern truth from error regarding God and the things of God The church today has boundless credulity they will believe virtually anything And the result is the modern Christian church is filled with bad decisions faulty reasoning superficial understanding shallow knowledge and widespread ignorance Collectively those things have added more anguish to the church through out her history than all of the persecutions combined Jesus said that wolves would come in sheeps clothing The Apostle Paul said grievous wolves will enter in not sparing the flock Paul wrote to Timothy and said as time goes on evil men will get worse and worse and deceptions will increase Paul again said There will be doctrines of demons that will lead people astray To puti tmildly there is a world of chaos and confusion in the church today We cannot therefore believe for a moment that everyone who claims to be in Christ and claims to speak on behalf of Christ is speaking the truth Distinguishing between truth and error has become vital to the 21st century Christian Yet despite that there is a greater than ever lack of discernment in the church today And it is showing up in all kind sof different ways The undiscerning contemporary church for example has often rejected Darwin and Huxley and accepted Freud It has often rejected doctrine and favored and embraced so called unity in our relationships-as if that were the priority It has become fascinated with entertainment and bored with exposition It has been enamored with feelings and undervalued clear thinking As a result evangelical Christianity and listen to this is fighting for its very life Ill say it again As a result evangelical Christianity is fighting for its very life And our time cries out for people with discernment with the ability to tell the false from the true John MacArthur
Added: 3338 days ago by BSJC
Runtime: 288.29
Views: 16238 | Comments: 0
Why Did Jesus HAVE To Die?
Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness Heb. Chapter 9 Verse Twenty Two.
Added: 3497 days ago by ChristianIssues
Runtime: 341.00
Views: 14265 | Comments: 0
Nov 16. Youre Not Bothering Jesus. If you are feeling lost without hope or find yourself in need of direction know that Jesus has time for you and your trouble is His trouble in spite of what the enemy may whisper. The encouraging word and video devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. For more visit www.ongoodground.org
Added: 3314 days ago by sistere
Runtime: 265.00
Views: 11619 | Comments: 0

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