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Eat My flesh drink My blood
James spends a few minutes proving from Scripture that transubstantiation isnt Biblical and that John 6 has been grossly perverted to mean something totally different from what the Lord Jesus initially meant.
Added: 3673 days ago by excatholicsforchrist
Runtime: 218.00
Views: 11489 | Comments: 0
Get Under The Blood
Unless men repent and trust Jesus Christ for their salvation they will be forever lost and damned in Hell
Added: 3539 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 650.00
Views: 15305 | Comments: 0
GRAPHIC VIDEO Cardinal Stepinac A Cold Blooded Killer
Some of the pictures in this video are quite disturbing and shocking therefore we wish to warn people before viewing this fascinating and yet very distressing clip
Added: 3537 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 620.00
Views: 14520 | Comments: 0
His Blood
His Blood His Sacrifice Your Hope Now is the time the truth Jesus
Added: 4425 days ago by
Runtime: 63.00
Views: 26319 | Comments: 0
Power In The Blood
From The Renewed Mind Series by Pastor Glen Caneel
Added: 4053 days ago by fgcop
Runtime: 212.00
Views: 14954 | Comments: 0
Prophetic Structures-Beasts and Antichrists 3
What is the coming deception?
Added: 3375 days ago by WaterBloodSpirit
Runtime: 295.30
Views: 8949 | Comments: 0
The Glory of the Blood
A music video we did last year - Set to the resurrection song by Avalon The Glory of the Blood
Added: 4422 days ago by
Runtime: 290.08
Views: 55795 | Comments: 3
Why Did Jesus HAVE To Die?
Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness Heb. Chapter 9 Verse Twenty Two.
Added: 3654 days ago by ChristianIssues
Runtime: 341.00
Views: 14479 | Comments: 0

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