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All Form and No Power
We all have trouble at one time or another with keeping the world out. Don't make it the reverse of at one time or another letting Christ in instead of abiding in him ALL the time! This is part of a CrossTV documentary. http://www.crosstv.com
Added: 4049 days ago by witnessclips
Runtime: 162.00
Views: 11803 | Comments: 0
Are You A Living Sacrifice?
Romans Ch. Twelve Verse One says to offer your body as a living sacrifice. Have you done that?
Added: 3655 days ago by ChristianIssues
Runtime: 386.00
Views: 12022 | Comments: 0
Believe in Hell?
I do not believe in hell ... do you? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4450 days ago by
Runtime: 178.76
Views: 18310 | Comments: 1
Does God Exist?
Does God Exist? - There is no proof that God exists. Is not it just a matter of faith? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4449 days ago by
Runtime: 335.08
Views: 19862 | Comments: 0
Does not evolution disprove the Bible?
Does not evolution disprove the Bible? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com Ray Comfort
Added: 4446 days ago by
Runtime: 173.88
Views: 14615 | Comments: 1
Enemies Of The Cross
Two Minutes With The Bible - by Paul M. Sadler
Added: 4055 days ago by biblestudytime
Runtime: 289.00
Views: 14092 | Comments: 0
His fault?
Since God made me is not sin His fault? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4434 days ago by
Runtime: 65.81
Views: 23124 | Comments: 0
His Passion
Jesus gave His life so we may live with Him forever. Do you know Him?
Added: 4424 days ago by
Runtime: 80.00
Views: 25080 | Comments: 0
Lesson From ER
A number of people called our attention to this clip from the popular TV series ER. It really is amazing for secular television.
Added: 4064 days ago by David
Runtime: 566.75
Views: 27410 | Comments: 0
Load of Rubbish?
I used to be a Christian but now I think it is a load of rubbish! www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4434 days ago by
Runtime: 118.30
Views: 17764 | Comments: 0
Will the pigmy in Africa go to hell just because he has not heard of Jesus? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4434 days ago by
Runtime: 76.32
Views: 19893 | Comments: 0
Scare Tactics?
Are Christian not just using scare tactics when they talk about hell and judgement? www.crosstv.com www.wayofthemaster.com
Added: 4434 days ago by
Runtime: 131.68
Views: 29522 | Comments: 0
Sell Your Eyes
Would you sell your eyes for 20 million dollars www.wayofthemaster www.crosstv.com
Added: 4440 days ago by
Runtime: 188.80
Views: 28920 | Comments: 0
Stations of the Cross
The Stations of the Cross also called Via Dolorosa or the Way of Sorrows is a pilgrimage of prayer along the path that led to the crucifixion. Movie narrated by Clive Thomas we follow along the final footsteps of Our Lord and visit all Biblical sites in the holy land.
Added: 4317 days ago by
Runtime: 50.00
Views: 19819 | Comments: 0
That is your Opinion
I am sure that most Christians who have shared the message of Christ with an unbeliever has often been met with this statement Well that is your opinion. According to the unbeliever that solves all debate but does it in reality? In this short clip Mark Kielar explains why truth is truth and why an opinion is just that.
Added: 4065 days ago by David
Runtime: 366.70
Views: 22772 | Comments: 1
The Cross
The Cross Speakers Max Lucado John Hagee Music performed by Various Classical Michael Smith Video clips from The Passion of the Christ and Davids stockfootage
Added: 4421 days ago by
Runtime: 439.00
Views: 30714 | Comments: 0
The Crossing
The Crossing Movie Available At Christianmovies.com
Added: 4265 days ago by
Runtime: 45.68
Views: 15968 | Comments: 0
The Glory of the Blood
A music video we did last year - Set to the resurrection song by Avalon The Glory of the Blood
Added: 4422 days ago by
Runtime: 290.08
Views: 55795 | Comments: 3
The Grace through the Cross Transforms
Victor King on Harvest Show
Added: 3528 days ago by vkministries
Runtime: 638.00
Views: 11069 | Comments: 0
The Passion of Jesus Christ Music Video
How Jesus suffered and died on the Cross to save you. www.DivineRevelations.info
Added: 3391 days ago by robertbrownell
Runtime: 436.00
Views: 10274 | Comments: 0
Why Did Jesus HAVE To Die?
Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness Heb. Chapter 9 Verse Twenty Two.
Added: 3654 days ago by ChristianIssues
Runtime: 341.00
Views: 14479 | Comments: 0

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