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Amazing Grace the Story
The Story Behind Amazing Grace www.amazinggracemovie.com
Added: 4423 days ago by
Runtime: 184.28
Views: 55897 | Comments: 7
Anne Frank From Amsterdam to Belsen Via Auschwitz
A musical tribute from this ministry
Added: 3474 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 174.00
Views: 8893 | Comments: 0
Bright Side TV
Bright Side TV Features music and ministry by The Lockard Family Evangelistic Ministries! On this Episode Jason Lockard sings Hem of His Garment and Rev. Scott Lockard preaches on the subject Passing the Torch from 1 Timothy 4!
Added: 3495 days ago by BrightsideTV
Runtime: 1348.00
Views: 13425 | Comments: 0
Casting Crowns Praise You In The Storm
Music video
Added: 4268 days ago by
Runtime: 301.00
Views: 18436 | Comments: 1
Celebrity Intelligence Test
Many years ago there was a popular hit song called American Pie. It contained the words Did you write the Book of Love?Do you have faith in God above? Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?
Added: 4064 days ago by David
Runtime: 500.50
Views: 23088 | Comments: 0
Created to Be CR8D2B
This is the video we created for a teaching series we did with our group that focussed on the purpose of life what we were created to be. We used music from Third Day blueprint images and video from Highway Video. The messages are now posted on PleaseConvinceMe.com
Added: 4375 days ago by
Runtime: 159.00
Views: 16524 | Comments: 0
DC Talk - Jesus Freak
DC Talk - Jesus Freak
Added: 4059 days ago by David
Runtime: 70.00
Views: 18626 | Comments: 0
I could sing of Your love forever
Added: 4230 days ago by
Runtime: 218.00
Views: 13969 | Comments: 0
Flag of Faith
Composed by G Patrick Battell
Added: 3539 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 91.00
Views: 14187 | Comments: 0
Added: 4236 days ago by
Runtime: 211.00
Views: 17733 | Comments: 0
From Socialism to Salvation A Conversation with John Steele
From Socialism to Salvation
Added: 3469 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 1634.00
Views: 13761 | Comments: 0
Glory Defined
This video was created for a series we taught on the arguments and evidence for the existence of God. We did six messages in the series and these are now posted at PleaseConvinceMe.com. They were created by splicing music from Building 429 video from Highway Video and images of math equations.
Added: 4375 days ago by
Runtime: 143.00
Views: 15721 | Comments: 0
Heart of Heaven
Painting in the Spirit a video compilation filmed at Cedar Rapids in 2004. Melissa Condit paints the heart of heaven during Jasons ministry time.
Added: 4426 days ago by
Runtime: 133.08
Views: 17514 | Comments: 0
We made this video for a teaching series we did on being a rebel in this generation. We taught the series to our group and then posted the messages on PleaseConvinceMe.com. We spliced video from Highway Video the Damah Film Festival and from a Kutless music video. We used music from Superchick.
Added: 4374 days ago by
Runtime: 144.00
Views: 17208 | Comments: 1
How Can I Know You
How Can I Know You - Music Video
Added: 4429 days ago by
Runtime: 293.00
Views: 15556 | Comments: 0
How Jesus Saved Me
How Jesus Saved Me
Added: 3422 days ago by JGB123
Runtime: 570.00
Views: 9706 | Comments: 0
Im Sorry
Here is another video fromt he artist kre8tor from his second album CONVICTION.You can purchase music at www.doubleedgeministries.com
Added: 3411 days ago by doubleedge
Runtime: 211.00
Views: 7454 | Comments: 0
It Is Well With My Soul
Music video from www.songsofpraise.org
Added: 4429 days ago by
Runtime: 232.40
Views: 26777 | Comments: 1
Kathleen Carnali
Kathleen Carnali music video.
Added: 4458 days ago by
Runtime: 358.00
Views: 16682 | Comments: 1
Love Letter
This video was the opening video for a teaching series we did on the reliability of the Bible. We posted all the messages on PleaseConvinceMe.com. We built the video with clips from VisualReality and images from classic Bible stories. The music is from Jars of Clay.
Added: 4356 days ago by
Runtime: 144.00
Views: 21461 | Comments: 0
My Life Lived His Way
This is the opening video from a teaching series on the Book of James www.PleaseConvinceMe.com We covered this material with our church and then posted all the messages on our website. We used video clips from Highway video and music from Twelve Stones
Added: 4356 days ago by
Runtime: 111.00
Views: 21274 | Comments: 0
No Accident
This video is from a series we did with our group on Evolution. We posted the series what we have so far anyway on PleaseConvinceMe.com. We used original and royalty free video and royalty free music for this one.
Added: 4368 days ago by
Runtime: 158.00
Views: 18171 | Comments: 2
Out of Sight Out of Mind
This is the opening video we created for a teaching series on Dualism the Soul Heaven and Hell. We are still posting the messages on PleaseConvinceMe.com. We created the video with clips from Highway video scripture and images of heaven hell and angels. The music is from DC Talk.
Added: 4356 days ago by
Runtime: 155.00
Views: 22872 | Comments: 0
The Cross
The Cross Speakers Max Lucado John Hagee Music performed by Various Classical Michael Smith Video clips from The Passion of the Christ and Davids stockfootage
Added: 4421 days ago by
Runtime: 439.00
Views: 30714 | Comments: 0
The Easter Song
Christian music was relevant for a brief moment of time. Annie Herring was one of several trailblazers who married spirituality to excellent musicianship providing the body of Christ with music that had real artistic merit. From Basilman72 on youtube.com
Added: 4422 days ago by
Runtime: 144.08
Views: 21988 | Comments: 0
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